Margaret Fisher (margisama) wrote in wk_het_yuri,
Margaret Fisher

brand new WK rpg ^_^

For anyone interested, I've just literally opened up a new Weiss kreuz rpg over on yahoo groups, and I'm really looking for some new players. Since we *have* just opened, the game hasn't started yet, and right now no one has concretely called dibs on playing any of the series characters. I allow yaoi, but I'd kill to have some het and yuri players, so all are welcome. (in particular I really need a Schu, Omi, Ken, and Nagi player) I have some players right now who can take Brad, Farf, Aya or Yohji, but they haven't spoken up and claimed any of them yet, so I'm going to go on whoever speaks up first. ^_^

And if you don't want to play a series character....fear not, I'm a big fan of well-rounded, well-written original characters, so come over and don't be shy ^_^
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