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Fic: "Fortune in Life"

Title: Fortune in Life
Genre: Romance, light angst
Rating: PG
Characters: Tot, Sakura, mention of Nagi and Aya-chan
Pairings: Tot/Sakura
Summary: Tot is grateful that she is alive, especially when she meets two girls at a flower shop.
Notes: This was written for 10lilies, and the prompt is #5 - lucky. Enjoy!

Fortune in Life

Disclaimer: I don't own Weiß Kreuz.
Tot knew she was lucky. Although Nagi was now nowhere to be seen, during their last meeting, he had given Tot the address of a flower shop named "Kitten's House." When Tot had first visited that flower shop, two girls welcomed her warmly. The one girl - Fujimiya Aya - Tot had recognized instantly and felt a pang of guilt, and the other girl - Tomoe Sakura - she had become infatuated with. If Tot hadn't been lucky, she knew she would never have met those two wonderful girls. They even referred to her by her real name, and that made her all the more grateful for her life.

Once again, Tot was visiting the flower shop, and right now Sakura was outside. "Nanami-chan!" Sakura called out, rushing up to Tot. "It's nice to see you."

Tot smiled awkwardly. She had received unconditional love from Schreient, and Sakura was the same, but this time, it was different. She liked Sakrua very much, but that that feeling also seemed odd, different from what she had felt toward Schreient. In fact, it was actually somehow similar to what she had felt toward Nagi.

"Nanami-chan, are you all right?" Sakura asked, laying a hand on Tot's shoulder. "You're shaking."

"Sakura-chan…" Tot began. She threw her arms around Sakura and brought her close. "Thank you, Sakura-chan. I'm so lucky to have met you and Aya-chan."

Sakura didn't quite understand, but she smiled and returned Tot's embrace. "And I'm happy we met too, Nanami-chan."
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