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Fic: "Falling Stars"

Title: Falling Stars
Fandom: Weiß Kreuz
Genre: Drama
Rating: R (sexual themes, strong language, mild violence)
Characters: Sakura, Hell
Pairing: Hell/Sakura
Summary: Real life isn't like a sleazy manga, but Sakura still has her suspicions about the new chemistry teacher.
Notes: This was written for 10lilies, and the theme is #1 - unexpected news. The manga magazine referenced is Mist, a trashy but enjoyable yuri magazine from the mid-90s that was aimed at adult women. Enjoy!

Falling Stars

Disclaimer: I don't own Weiß Kreuz.
Tomoe Sakura didn't understand what had possessed her to take chemistry as an elective, especially as the final class of the school day. The material made no sense, and that was probably partly because of the change in teachers halfway into the school year, and the second teacher, named Aoi Chizuru, had a completely different way of teaching. She was also much stricter and had impossibly high expectations of her students. On the plus side, she was very easy on the eyes (and Sakura often mentally yelled at herself for being so shallow, although it was unexpected she thought that of a female teacher).

Sakura rested her chin on her hand and toned out the lecture of the teacher. As Sakura stared out the classroom window, she thought about her upcoming trip to France. She felt a bit guilty about leaving Aya, her best friend and younger sister of the man she loved, to run the flower shop alone, and Aya was constantly reassuring her that everything would be okay. Maybe someday they could go together on a tour of Europe, Sakura hoped, a dreamy smile on her face.

So lost in thought was Sakura that when the teacher slammed the heavy chemistry textbook on her desk, she was so startled that she actually fell out of her chair. "Tomoe, your grades are already rather dismal," Ms. Aoi began, her voice stern. She leaned over and glared at Sakura. "And they will remain that way if you keep spacing out like this. Meet me in my office after class."

Slowly, Sakura got back into her chair and then muttered a "Yes, Aoi-sensei," although it was most likely drowned out by the laughter of the class. Ms. Aoi's lips thinned, and she went back to the front of the class.

A heavy yet quiet sigh escaped from Sakura's lips, and she buried her face in her hands. The last fifteen minutes of class passed by like an eternity, and when it finally was time for dismissal, Sakura was the last of the students to leave. She had never been summoned to a teacher's office before, and she was absolutely dreading facing Ms. Aoi alone.

With yet another heavy sigh, Sakura stood up, picked up her bag, and left the classroom. The stairs were directly to the right, and she began climbing them. The teachers' offices were on the third floor, and Ms. Aoi's was at the end of the hallway, away from prying eyes. Sakura's heart sank even lower at the thought; she was dreading facing Ms. Aoi alone beyond the absolute measurement.

The hallway seemed to go on forever and Sakura's center of gravity seemed to triple, but she somehow made it to Ms. Aoi's office. She stood in front of the door and raised her hand to knock, but hesitated. She could just run away for today and nobody would be the wiser, but then again, she thought, it probably wouldn't have been much of an exaggeration to think that Ms. Aoi would hunt her down if she tried to bail. She inhaled a deep breath and by stopping all conscious thought, she softly knocked on the door.

The reply was immediate. "Come in," Ms. Aoi said in her cold, sultry voice.

Slowly, Sakura turned the doorknob and pushed the door open. No sooner was she through the doorway did Ms. Aoi say, "Close the door behind you."

Sakura complied wordlessly, and then sat down on the free chair across from Ms. Aoi, who was seated with her back to her desk. When Sakura lifted her head back up, her face flushed scarlet. Ms. Aoi had her arms crossed under her ample chest, and her shirt was partially unbuttoned, revealing a large amount of cleavage. (Sakura briefly wondered how Ms. Aoi had been able to button up her shirt in the first place.) Of course, Sakura, being a fellow female, should not have been bothered by something so trivial as Ms. Aoi's partially exposed breasts, but reality rarely met such clichéd expectations.

"U-Um…" Sakura stammered. She had some trashy manga magazines hidden under her bed, and she remembered a story from one of her yuri ladies' comics in which a college student asked her attractive professor for a passing grade in exchange for sexual flavors. But of course, real life wasn't like a sleazy manga, and Sakura wasn't willing to go that far for a passing grade in chemistry. She gulped and said, "Aoi-sensei…"

"You can call me Chizuru, Sakura," Ms. Aoi said, stressing Sakura's name. A devilish smile came upon her lips, and she said, "So Sakura, you work at a flower shop, and you know that I could have you expelled for that, correct?"

"I'm not being paid," Sakura snapped back, clenching her fingers in her lap. "One of the employees is my friend, and I'm just helping her."

Ms. Aoi uncrossed her arms and laid them on the arms of the chair. "Fujimiya Aya. She has an older brother, and he's an assassin, correct?"

Sakura's heart skipped a beat. "I-I don't know what you're talking about."

"He was also the one to save you when you were kidnapped a second time by organ thieves."

Sakura reminded silent, her expression defiant.

Ms. Aoi smirked. "You act like all this is totally unexpected. Do you want to know how I know all this? It's because I was one of the people involved in the theft of your kidney."

Sakura bolted out of her chair and lunged toward Ms. Aoi. "You bitch!" she screamed, seizing Ms. Aoi's throat and shoving her onto her desk. The chair Ms. Aoi had been in fell under the desk, and Ms. Aoi didn't make any resistance against Sakura. She choked when Sakura's fingers tightened around her neck, but otherwise she made no other reaction to Sakura's violent outburst.

"Fuck you," Sakura swore through gritted teeth. Her palms were becoming sweaty, and she felt the pulse of Ms. Aoi's throat. "I was almost killed! If not for Aya-san, I would've…" She trailed off and tears began flowing down her cheeks.

Ms. Aoi cupped Sakura's face. "Resorting to violence so quickly," the older woman remarked, a hint of mockery in her voice. "You're not that different from me after all." She gently pried Sakura's fingers from her throat and guided them down to her breasts. "Sakura, let yourself go. You know you want to. I've seen those magazines in your desk."

"Damn it…" Sakura forced out between sobs. Her hands trembling, she began to undo the rest of the buttons on Ms. Aoi's shirt. She knew she was falling into Ms. Aoi's trap, and although it was far worse than any sleazy manga she had read, she didn't want to stop. She could at least pretend she was the one in control. She undid the last button and then opened the shirt, exposing breasts covered by a lacy black bra. Her hands were shaking even more now, and she unhooked the front of the bra and pulled the cups apart. Sakura then gently laid her hands on Ms. Aoi's large breasts and started slowly stroking the older woman's nipples with her thumbs.

Ms. Aoi's smirk become wider and she placed her hands on Sakura's shoulders. "Sakura, there was a woman I loved," she said. "Like me, she was also a bodyguard to a powerful politician's son. We met because of him, and he encouraged our relationship. But they're both dead now. I knew I could never have saved him, but when she was killed, I became broken. She died so suddenly and pointlessly, and I couldn't accept it. A part of me wanted to join her."

"Do I remind you of her?" Sakura asked, lowering herself and pressing her lips against Ms. Aoi's chest, over her heart. She then moved her hands under Ms. Aoi's breasts to cup them, and although she also dug her nails into the flesh, Ms. Aoi hardly winced.

Ms. Aoi laughed cruelly. "Don't flatter yourself. She was twice the woman you'll ever be. It was the man you love who was responsible for taking those two away from me. I want to take your love away from him and leave him completely alone. He took away the ones I love, so I'll punish him by doing the same."

Sakura hesitated for a brief moment, and then backed away from Ms. Aoi. "You're a horrible person," she insulted, her voice uneven. She breathed heavily, and her hands were still shaking. "I won't do that to Aya-san."

"You're not that much better than me," Ms Aoi replied. She crossed arms under her breasts, making them seem even bigger, and smirked. "You were so willing to try to take advantage of me."

Sakura's face became red out of both anger and embarrassment. "That's not true. I could report you for sexual harassment."

Ms. Aoi laughed again. "Accusations of sexual harassment from female students against female teachers are nearly unheard of. Now, I have heard rumors of accusations against foreign ones, but nothing concrete." She stood up and stepped up to Sakura. She then cupped Sakura's chin and forced the younger girl's face upwards. "Sakura, I'll resign tomorrow. I doubt your grades will improve, but you won't have to worry about me trying to seduce you."

Sakura didn't reply right then, but much to her surprise, she felt Ms. Aoi lightly kiss her forehead. She was about to say something after that, but Ms. Aoi took a step back, turned away from her, and then said, "Now get out before I change my mind."

Holding back her tongue, Sakura picked up her schoolbag and left Ms. Aoi's office. She began walking down the hallway, which seemed shorter than last time. When she reached the stairs, she looked back, but saw no one following. Sakura cursed under the breath and went down the stairs.

In some small way, Ms. Aoi had reminded Sakura of Fujimiya Ran. Being angry and vengeful was a lonely way to live, Sakura thought bitterly.
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